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It is increasingly common for multinational satellite broadcasters of football matches to raise actions in the Court of Session (or Sheriff Court) against the licensed trade, particularly pubs.  This is often as a result of allegations of the publican and/or Designated Premises Manager using non-commercial decoder boxes/viewing cards and also “card sharing”. The satellite broadcasters will typically seek interim interdict (equivalent to an interim injunction in England and Wales) together with damages against alleged copyright infringer(s).  The satellite broadcasters will often employ covert surveillance to bring breach of interdict/contempt of Court proceedings against anyone who is alleged to have failed to obey an interdict of the Court.  This can lead to imprisonment for breach of an interim interdict and/or a fine. The Court of Session also has special rules for Intellectual Property Actions which can be complex.   Therefore, it is very important you receive specialist representation at the earliest opportunity.

Our Martin Campbell, Solicitor Advocate can pursue or defend Intellectual Property proceedings on your behalf.  Martin can also pursue or defend Minute for Breach of Interdict/Contempt of Court actions.

We also provide advice to clients in defamation (libel) cases including regarding “offers to make amends” in terms of the Defamation Act 1996, for example, by seeking corrections, apologies, damages and/or interdict regarding defamatory statements.

We can also pursue or defend defamation court cases on your behalf.

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