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Employment Law Advice

At Campbell Mair Solicitors we recognise that in these challenging economic times no-one wants to jeopardise their job and financial stability.  However,  it is important that if any of the following apply to you that you consider consulting us:-

If so, act now!

It is essential that you obtain expert legal advice as soon as you become aware of an issue or a potential issue with regard to your employment.

With many solicitors offering employment law advice, you might ask – why should I contact Campbell Mair Solicitors? What makes Campbell Mair Solicitors different?

In short, it because we will fight your corner with passion and drive at all times, whilst at the same time not compromising ongoing relations with your employer or the possibility of reaching a favourable conclusion if it concerns your former employer.

We are expert, professional and approachable employment lawyers.  We recognise that any issue with your employment will be stressful for you especially in these challenging economic times.  We aim to remove as much of the stress as possible through being compassionate, sympathetic and diplomatic when advising our clients.  Our clients tell us that they were relieved to have instructed us regarding these matters.

We also understand that where, for example, disciplinary hearings are concerned, there can often be very sensitive issues which require to be delicately handled.   You can trust Campbell Mair Solicitors.

We can represent you in relation to your employment in the following areas:-

We can also raise and pursue Employment Tribunal proceedings on your behalf in relation to the following areas:-

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