Campbell Mair

Services for Other Solicitors

We recognise that for a variety of reasons lead solicitors and in-house solicitors may require to instruct the services of external solicitors. This is often due to geographical considerations where, for example, it is not economical or practical to travel to Edinburgh, Glasgow or its surrounding areas.

We also recognise that external solicitors can provide lead solicitors and in-house lawyers with relief during exceptionally busy periods, to cover “one-off” instructions, or to relieve the pressure on internal resources caused by sickness absence, holiday leave, maternity leave or corporate reorganisation.

We can also act as Edinburgh correspondents in Court of Session cases on behalf of lead solicitor firms or in-house legal departments who are based outside Edinburgh, or who would prefer the day-to-day procedural burden to be absorbed by external solicitors.

These are just a small sample of the many good reasons for lead solicitors and in-house solicitors to instruct Campbell Mair solicitors.

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